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Photo-matching Competition
Thank you to all those who took part in the photo-matching competition and particularly to those who provided their childhood photos for us all to admire! Congratulations to winner Chris Young. Chris tied with Barbara Baker in guessing 6 correctly out of the 10 photos, so both entries were put into a draw and Chris is the lucky winner of the £10 M & S gift card. The competition raised £42 for our two charities.
The answers are here.

January 2015

25th Anniversary Year Fundraising

Here are the answers to the second of our Quizzes planned to raise money  for St. Christopher`s Hospice and Disability Snowsport UK during our 25th year.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, especial thanks to Phil Greenfield who sold 12 copies to work colleagues, to Morris Poole (Colin`s brother) who returned the form together with a donation, and to the people who  added a letter of appreciation with their returned copies.

There were three all-correct entries.  These were shuffled and one picked at random during a BVAC Committee Meeting.  The winner was Theresa Jurdic  (Anne and Tony Unseld`s daughter).  The other two entries were from Jenny Greaves and Nigel, both via Phil.  Commiserations to them.

This Quiz showed a profit of £62.

Many thanks to Joan for organising another very successful quiz.

June 2014



Here are the answers to the first fund-raising quiz of 2014. Thanks to everyone who bought one, and to those who sent them in, completed or not. I must apologise for confusing many people with No. 11 – 20. The answer is Cost of A Second Class Stamp, obviously not correct today, although strangely enough many people got it right! I inherited this Quiz some years ago from another group of fund-raisers, and I should have checked that none of the answers referred to current costs. Apologies. In view of that, I have ignored No 11 and also No 1, which was already done for you, so we are left with 34 questions. 


There were 3 all-correct entries. After an independent, blind-folded shuffle of these three, the winner was found to be Jan and Mike Simms of West Wickham who will receive the £25 M&S voucher, and because I made such a dog`s dinner of this Quiz,I will be sending a small consolation prize to the other two – Chris and Charlie Young of Orpington and Morris Poole who sent in a postal entry from Devon.



2          -2 = an E in G                       an Eagle in Golf

3          4 = S on a V                         Strings on a Violin

4          11 = S F on the BS                Storm Force on the Beaufort Scale

5          24 = N of C in P G                 Number of Carats in Pure Gold 

6          7 = W of the A W                  Wonders of the Ancient World 

7          2 = G of V                            Gentlemen of Verona

8     1215 = D of the M C                   Date of the Magna Carta 

9          60 = D in E A of an E T          Degrees in Each Angle of an EquilateralTriangle 

10        21 = P of W                          Princes of Wales

12    1440 = M in a D                         Minutes in a Day

13        13 = Y for a L A                     Years for a Lace Anniversary 

14          4 = C of the W                     Corners of the World

15     1979 = M T became                   Margaret Thatcher became Britain`s first 

                      B F W P M                   woman Prime Minister

16           9 = L of a C                        Lives of a Cat

17           7 = S on a T P C                  Sides on a twenty pence coin

18          24 = H from T                      Hours from Tulsa

19      5280 = F in a M                       Feet in a Mile

20        21 = C in the A                    Consonants in the Alphabet

21        77 = S S                              Sunset Strip

22        88 = K on a P                      Keys on a Piano

23            7 = A of M                         Ages of Man

24            3 = S to H                         Steps to Heaven

25        10 = P for Z in S                  Points for Z in Scrabble

26            8 = L on a S                      Legs on a Spider

27        101 = D (W D)                       Dalmations (Walt Disney)

28            3 = C in a F                       Coins in a Fountain

29            1 = W on a U                     Wheel on a Unicycle

30      1001 = AN                               Arabian Nights

31        15 = M on a D M C                Men on a Dead Man`s Chest 

32      1066 = B of S B                        Battle of Stamford Bridge 

33        9 = P in the S S                    Planets in the Solar System

34        54 = C in a D (including J)       Cards in a Deck (including Jokers) 

35        600 = in the C of the L B         in the Charge of the Light Brigade 

36        206 = B in the H B                  Bones in the Human Body                            


March 2014

Thanks to Joan for donating the M & S voucher. Joan has raised £45 through this quiz and selling some of her fetching hand-knitted blue and yellow wrist warmers.