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25th Anniversary Year Fundraising 


Here are the answers to the first fund-raising quiz of 2014.  Thanks to everyone who bought one, and to those who sent them in, completed or not.  I must apologise for confusing many people with No. 11 – 20.  The answer is Cost of A Second Class Stamp, obviously not correct today, although strangely enough many people got it right!  I inherited this Quiz some years ago from another group of fund-raisers, and I should have checked that none of the answers referred to current costs.  Apologies.  In view of that, I have ignored No 11 and also No 1, which was already done for you, so we are left with 34 questions. 


There were 3 all-correct entries.  After an independent, blind-folded shuffle of these three, the winner was found to be Jan and Mike Simms of West Wickham who will receive the £25 M&S voucher, and because I made such a dog`s dinner of this Quiz,I will be sending a small consolation prize to the other two – Chris and Charlie Young of Orpington and Morris Poole who sent in a postal entry from Devon.



2          -2 = an E in G                       an Eagle in Golf

3          4 = S on a V                         Strings on a Violin

4          11 = S F on the BS                Storm Force on the Beaufort Scale

5          24 = N of C in P G                 Number of Carats in Pure Gold 

6          7 = W of the A W                  Wonders of the Ancient World 

7          2 = G of V                            Gentlemen of Verona

8     1215 = D of the M C                   Date of the Magna Carta 

9          60 = D in E A of an E T          Degrees in Each Angle of an EquilateralTriangle 

10        21 = P of W                          Princes of Wales

12    1440 = M in a D                         Minutes in a Day

13        13 = Y for a L A                     Years for a Lace Anniversary 

14          4 = C of the W                     Corners of the World

15     1979 = M T became                   Margaret Thatcher became  Britain`s first 

                      B F W P M                   woman Prime Minister

16           9 = L of a C                        Lives of a Cat

17           7 = S on a T P C                  Sides on a twenty pence coin

18          24 = H from T                      Hours from Tulsa

19      5280 = F in a M                       Feet in a Mile

20          21 = C in the A                    Consonants in the Alphabet

21          77 = S S                              Sunset Strip

22          88 = K on a P                      Keys on a Piano

23            7 = A of M                         Ages of Man

24            3 = S to H                         Steps to Heaven

25          10 = P for Z in S                  Points for Z in Scrabble

26            8 = L on a S                      Legs on a Spider

27        101 = D (W D)                       Dalmations (Walt Disney)

28            3 = C in a F                       Coins in a Fountain

29            1 = W on a U                     Wheel on a Unicycle

30      1001 = AN                               Arabian Nights

31          15 = M on a D M C                Men on a Dead Man`s Chest 

32      1066 = B of S B                        Battle of Stamford Bridge 

33          9 = P in the S S                    Planets in the Solar System

34        54 = C in a D (including J)       Cards in a Deck (including Jokers) 

35        600 = in the C of the L B         in the Charge of the Light Brigade 

36        206 = B in the H B                  Bones in the Human Body                            


March 2014                  

Thanks to Joan for donating the M & S voucher. Joan has raised £45 through this quiz and selling some of her fetching hand-knitted blue and yellow wrist warmers.                  

Why Not Run - Charity X-Country Event for all ages within the grounds of Farringtons School in Chislehurst - 11 May 2014

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