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Track & Field

Bromley Veterans particpate in the Southern Counties Veterans Athletics Club (SCVAC) competitions during the Summer.  

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SCVAC League Kent Divisions 2017



MATCH 1 Norman Park, Bromley, Friday 28th April

6.45 400 W+60 6.45 TJ M+60 PV M HT W+60

7.15 400 M+60

7.45 3000 W 8.00 TJ W+60 HT M

8.30 3000 M

MATCH 2 Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford, Monday 15th May

6.45 200 W 6.45 LJ W DT M+60

7.05 200 M

7.25 1500 W+60 8.00 LJ M DT W

8.05 1500 M+60

8.45 4x100 W

8.55 4x100 M

MATCH 3 Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Friday 2nd June

6.45 100 W+60 6.45 PV W HJ M SP W+60 JT M

7.15 100 M+60

7.45 800 W 8.00 SP M+60 JT W+60

8.15 800 M

8.45 4x100 W

8.55 4x100 M

MATCH 4 Central Park Athletics Arena, Dartford, Monday 19th June

6.45 200 W+60 6.45 PV W HJ M+60 SP M JT W

7.15 200 M+60

7.45 1500 W 8.00 SP W JT M+60

8.15 1500 M

8.45 2000Walk W

9.05 2000 Walk M

MATCH 5 Erith Stadium, Erith, Friday 7th July

6.45 400 W 6.45 TJ W HJ W+60 PV M HT M+60

7.05 400 M

7.25 3000 W+60 8.00 TJ M HT W

8.10 3000 M+60

8.55 4x400 W

9.15 4x400 M

MATCH 6 Medway Park Athletics Track, Gillingham, Monday 17th July

6.45 800 W+60 6.45 LJ M+60 HJ W DT W+60

7.25 800 M+60

8.05 100 W 8.00 LJ W+60 DT M

8.25 100 M

8.45 4x200 W

9.05 4X200 M


All W running events are for W35A,W35B,W50 and all M running events are for M35A,M35B,M50.

All W field events are for W35,W50 and all M field events are for M35,M50.

Events for W60 and M60 are shown separately on the timetable.

2000Walk W is for W35,W50 and 2000Walk M is for M35,M50.

In relays there is one all age group.



There will be four trials in all age groups in L and SP.






Latest 3 Track & Field reports, photos and results

SCVAC League - Tonbridge - 02 Jun 2017

A big thanks to Gary Blunt and Jill Cozens who stepped in at the last minute to fill in the gaps of the men's and women's teams for this event.

Simon Horler did a magnificent job covering 6 events (100m, 100m relay, 800m, high jump, shot putt, javelin) together with Mike Martineau (100m, 100m relay, shot putt), Gary Blunt Blunt (100m, 100m relay, 800m), Tony Unseld (100m, 100m relay, high jump, shot putt) and Ray Chapman (800m).

Fo r the ladies team, Tina Nairn (100m, 100m relay, 800m), Anne Unseld (100m, 100m relay, 800m), Jill Cozens (100m, 100m relay, 800m), Barbara Baker (100m, 100m relay), Jude Grahame (shot putt, javelin) and Joan Burns (shot putt, javelin).

The men's team finished in 3rd place with 56 points and the ladies team in 1st place with 68 points.

Full result can be found here

    SCVAC League - Ashford - 15 May 2017

      SCVAC League - Bromley - 28 Apr 2017

      Both our men’s and women’s teams are in Division 2 this year and finished the evening in 3rd place with 51 points (men) and 1st place with 59 points (women).

      It was great to see both Simon Horler and Chris Marshall back in action after long lay-offs due to injury, both running strongly; both Simon and Chris provided a particularly exciting finish to their 400m races, just beating the following runner by 0.5s and 0.4s respectively. Congratulations to Gavin Kitchingham, who ran the London Marathon in 3:13:55, and then came along to run and jump for us 5 days later, despite suffering blistered feet during the week!

      The teams consisted of Simon Horler (Pole Vault, 400m, 3000m, Hammer Throw), Gavin Kitchingham ( 400m, 3000m, Triple Jump),Chris Marshall (400m), Mike Martineau (Triple Jump, Hammer Throw), Tony Unseld (400m, Triple Jump), Danny Easton (3000m).

      Tina Nairn (400m, 3000m, Triple Jump, Hammer Throw), Bridget Macedonski (400m, 3000m, Triple Jump), Joan Allen (400m), Anne Unseld (400m, 3000m, Triple Jump).

      Many thanks to Sue Stevens and Pat Cliff who both spent the evening raking the sand-pit between triple jump competitors and to Rowan and Betty Foggitt, Joan Burns, Chris Read, Terri Shotton, Sarah Regan and Marijana Urbany who all put in appearances as supporters.  

      Full results can be seen here